Community Alerts

Street Closure at 64th Street

Aug 21, 2018

Due to emergency Con Edison work, 64th Street is currently closed between Broadway and Central Park West. We understand that the work that Con Edison is doing in this area is likely to continue through August.   

* 8/9/18 - 65th Street will be closed for most of the day due to Con Edison work. 

* 8/10/18 - 64th Street is still closed, but 65th Street is currently open. 

* 8/14/18 - Con Edison's Electric Operations team expects to maintain a presence on site at 64th Street and Broadway for the next 3-4 weeks and as of today 64th Street is still closed. Overall, work is happening around the clock – particularly at the northeast corner of West 64th and Broadway - but most of the work is being kept to nighttime. We have been told that eventually Con Edison will need to close 65th Street again for a short time for more work in the coming days or weeks. 

* Continued updates released on 8/20/18

8/20- 8/26/18 – around the clock work will continue at the West 64th and Broadway intersection.

8/22/18 - Work on Broadway between West 64th and West 65th Street.

8/23/18 - Work on West 65th Street and Broadway (road to be closed for approximately 8 hours.

8/24/18 - Shunts and Barricades to be removed. The splicing that is currently happening will continue around the clock.