Atlantic Grill

Atlantic Grill

Mediterranean, Seafood

Atlantic Grill has reopened in Lincoln Center with a new look, feel and menu from Monte Carlo Hospitality Group and Michelin-starred Chef Antonio Salvatore. Under their guidance, Atlantic Grill’s refreshed menu aims to please previous regulars and new guests alike.

The restaurant continues to celebrate the freshest seafood from the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea, the finest cuts of meat and local seasonal produce with Chef Antonio’s signature Mediterranean flare and nods to dishes and ingredients located in or near other major global bodies of water.

On view is an abundance of fresh fish displayed on ice and in an aquarium that are showcased through the raw bar or sushi bar selections. An emphasis on a “catch of the day” program affords Chef and his team the opportunity to present the day’s item in various ways including sashimi, ceviche, grilled, whole-roasted and more. A selection of high-quality meat dishes are also available to fulfil the ultimate surf & turf experience.

Atlantic Grill’s new intimate dining room at 50 West 65th Street, condensed from the previous two dining rooms on 64th and 65th street, has been redesign to incorporate the restaurant’s history while also pulling inspiration from the nearby Lincoln Center. Paintings and photographs from the restaurant’s previous life remain on the walls and greeting guests upon arrival is the addition of a mural of President Abraham Lincoln, a playful touch to reference the neighborhood, on the building’s brick wall by Portuguese artist VHILS.