New Milestones: Electronic Chamber Music In A New Form

Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center

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Event Dates

Jan 16, 2020



Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center

During this season of milestones, CMS looks to works in the past century that have set the stage for composers today. These prophetic voices have pioneered innovations that have changed the current musical landscape, fascinating listeners and sparking curiosity. Coming out of the German elektronische Musik movement of the 1950s, Stockhausen’s Kontakte brought chamber music to a new platform by creating a musical dialogue between electronic and instrumental sounds. Stockhausen’s innovation paved the way for the continued exploration of electronic music. Program: - Karlheinz Stockhausen Kontakte for Piano, Percussion, and Electronic Sounds (1958-60) - Kaija Saariaho Trois rivières for Percussion Quartet and Electronics (1994) - Thomas Meadowcroft Cradles for Percussion Duo with Wurlitzer e-Piano (2013)