Master Class: The Listening Path with Julia Cameron





Event Dates

Jan 14, 2021




Are you a good listener? Could you be a better one? If so, you won’t want to miss highly acclaimed author Julia Cameron’s Master Class at the 92Y@Home on her latest book The Listening Path, which has been described as a transformational journey into deeper, more profound listening and creativity!

Incorporating tools from The Artist’s Way, Cameron’s highly successful book credited with helping to transform the creative lives of millions of readers through a program of exercises and explorations that help loosen up their artistic self—showing them how to get unblocked and move forward, The Listening Path offers the tools to become a better listener and challenges readers to expand their ability to listen in a new way by listening to their environment, the people around them, themselves and culminating in learning to listen to silence.

The reward for learning to truly listen is immense. As we learn to listen, our attention is heightened and we gain healing, insight, clarity and above all create connections that can resonate through every aspect of our lives. Join us for this Master Class—a teaser into the wonders of this book and everything listening can be.