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An Out of This World Concert Season with Jupiter

Sep 11, 2023
An Out of This World Concert Season with Jupiter

Jens Nygaard looked into the camera as he described his dogged pursuit of his lifelong goal—conducting a symphony: “I elected to find whatever ray of sunshine there was, and when I had that one percent of optimism, I built on it.” The footage is part of a new documentary, Life on Jupiter, which was recently released and is free to watch on YouTube. The one-hour film follows Jens Nygaard’s life and captures his ability to create beautiful music against all odds.

For over two decades, until his passing in 2001, Nygaard conducted the Jupiter Symphony. Since then, his partner, Mei Ying, finding her own ray of sunshine, has built an incredible homage to his work through the Jupiter Symphony Chamber Players. The weekly concerts even continued during the pandemic, though with considerable precautions, as Mei Ying recognized the need, greater than ever, for music and community during such challenging times. With Michael Volpert as the artistic director, the chamber group performs on Mondays (at 2:00pm and 7:30pm) from September through May in Good Shepherd-Faith Presbyterian Church at 152 W 66th Street at Amsterdam Avenue.

From the musicians to the repertoire, Volpert carefully curates each aspect of the concert series. Each concert has a unique theme, from Mendelssohn & Pals, featuring both Mendelssohn and some of his lesser-known contemporaries (including his sister, Fanny!), to Folk Roots, which highlights a mix of Bohemian, spiritual, and folksy works. An attendee to all 20 shows would still find each concert a unique experience, even down to the rotating guest musicians whom Volpert sprinkles across the program.

The chamber players are as impressive as the program itself. Volpert auditions each player in person, with strict requirements, including previous experience in a chamber group. All of the players are professional musicians, but their stories vary. From Warsaw, Poland, to Warsaw, Indiana, they come from across the world and have individually won an astounding number of prizes for their art.  

To learn more about the Jupiter Symphony Chamber Players and the 2023-2024 concert season, visit their website at To make reservations and purchase tickets in advance, call 212-799-1259 or email

Photo Credit: Life on Jupiter website