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Bike Safety Tips

Sep 22, 2020
bikers wearing helmets and masks

Biking has become an increasingly popular transit option amongst New Yorkers trying to navigate the city throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. When opting for two-wheeled transportation, safety is of the utmost importance. Click here to download a copy of DOT’s Bike Smart brochure to read about everything you need to know to comply with all current regulations and to cycle safely, including yielding to pedestrians, stopping at all red lights and stop signs, and staying off the sidewalk.

If you are interested in purchasing a new bike or important accessories like helmets, headlights and taillights, there are several stores just steps outside our district that offer a variety of products including Toga Bike Shop (110 West End Avenue) and Trek Bicycle Upper West Side (156 West 72nd Street). No room for a bike in your apartment? Check out Citi Bike pricing options, which include single rides, day passes, and annual memberships.

Photo credit: UN/A. Istria