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Citizen Public Health Training

Mar 30, 2021
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To continue to empower New Yorkers throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, New York is launching a free Citizen Public Health Training, calling on people in every neighborhood and community in the state to become trained Public Health Leaders. As a New York State Public Health Leader, you will better understand the coronavirus and other public health issues facing our communities, as well as gain the tools to understand the facts and be a trusted source of information and support in your community.

The Citizen Public Health Training is a four-part online training program, developed by Cornell University’s Public Health Program, that gives people the opportunity to learn from top experts from Cornell on preventing and responding to public health emergencies. With two hours of content per week, each module will build up your core knowledge, skills, and abilities, along with specific “calls to action” to help you translate learning into action within your community and network. Each module will also have one or more live (and recorded) conversations with experts to share up-to-date information and to answer key questions. The program begins Friday, April 30. 

Click here to learn more about Citizen Public Health Training. To sign up to get notified about enrolling, click here

Photo credit: Ny.gov