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Helpful Updates on PPE

Aug 18, 2020
Close up of clean Team Member Carl wearing a black face mask

By now the importance of personal hygiene and face coverings is extremely evident in the fight against COVID-19. So, what really works?

Mentioned in Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer’s newsletter, the Food and Drug Administration recently identified 130+ hand sanitizers that consumers should avoid because they lack a sufficient level of alcohol to kill germs or because they contain dangerous levels of wood alcohol.

The Center for Disease Control recently updated its guidelines on face masks for personal protection, highlighting when it is important to be wearing a mask, how effective masks are at stopping transmission, and what masks to avoid.

The New York Times Wirecutter published an article this month on how to choose the best cloth face mask. The piece offers recommendations for adjustable masks you can buy from different retailers based on comfort and fit.

Additionally, a recent Duke University study measured the amount of expelled droplets during speech across different face coverings. Click here to read a Washington Post article about the study and click here to see information and results from the study.

If you’re looking for more cloth face mask options, read our previous article about fashionable options from Lincoln Square retailers. And, if you’re a business owner looking for more PPE, check out the PPE + Reopening Supplies Marketplace or click here to learn about access to free face coverings for small businesses.

Mask up and stay safe!

Photo credit: Elena Olivo