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Indoor Dining Resources for Restaurants

Oct 20, 2020
a cafe server puts down a plate of food in front of a customer seated inside wearing a mask

Last month indoor dining was permitted for restaurants in New York City at 25% capacity. According to the State, all restaurants that choose to reopen for indoor service will be subject to strict safety protocols, including contact information for tracing, and regular inspections. If you own or operate a restaurant that has reopened or is in the process of reopening for indoor dining, be sure to review important information and guidelines in accordance with the State and City. Below are some useful resources.

The SBS hotline is a resource for questions related to reopening: 888-SBS-4NYC (888-727-4692). Visit NYC Health’s website at nyc.gov/health/restart for FAQs about indoor dining and more. The State is also developing a COVID-SAFE restaurant standard which will assure New Yorkers of COVID-safety and sanitation practices at restaurants. Guidelines for indoor dining will be reassessed based on collected data by November 1. If the infection rate does not increase, restaurants may be permitted to go to 50% capacity.

Photo credit: Desiree Rios for The New York Times