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Latest COVID-19 Guidelines from the CDC

Nov 23, 2020
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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or CDC, has updated their guidelines on how to safely navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, including the use of masks and how to celebrate the holidays safely.

In an updated scientific brief by the CDC, they emphasized that wearing a mask protects not only other people, but also the wearer from COVID-19. Protective benefits of the masks are stronger the more people wear masks consistently and correctly. And, the CDC adds that cloth masks with multiple layers made of higher thread counts do a better job of protecting the wearer than single layers of cloth with lower thread counts.

Additionally, the CDC has released guidelines that Americans should follow to celebrate Thanksgiving safely. The CDC strongly urges Americans to avoid travel and to celebrate the holiday in their own household. The safest way to celebrate Thanksgiving is by hosting a virtual gathering with your friends or family. However, if you must gather, there are precautions you can take to reduce the risk of spread.

If you are attending a gathering on Thanksgiving, you should bring your own food and beverages and use single-use options, like salad dressing and condiment packets, and disposable food containers, plates and utensils. Make sure to wear a mask and safely store the mask when eating and drinking, and avoid going in and out of areas where food is being prepared. If you are hosting a Thanksgiving gathering, limit the number of guests to 10 people and host a small meal outdoors. Speak ahead with your guests before the gathering to set expectations and ask them to bring their own food and beverages. And, clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces and items in between use.

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Original Post: 11.17.20