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SLA and NYC Health Updates

Aug 24, 2020
nyc health and NY state liquor authorities logos side by side

There are several updates food establishment/restaurant and bar owners should be aware of in regards to the New York State Liquor Authority and NYC Health.

The New York State Liquor Authority’s (SLA) has updated its Q&A page regarding Phase 3/4 Guidelines for licensed on-premises establishments. Click here to view the Q&A page. Note that, as stated in the Q&A, only incidental music is permissible at this time, which means that advertised and/or ticketed shows are not permissible. Click here for the SLA's full guidance.

According to an alert we received from the NYC Department of Small Business ServicesNYC Health is beginning to conduct modified restaurant/food establishment inspections in response to the health and safety concerns around the COVID-19 public health emergency. Click here to read the guidance we received.

You can also review the NYC Hospitality Alliance’s article about What to Expect When You’re Inspected and review NYC Health’s PDF “Reopening New York City: What Outdoor and Take-Out and Delivery Food Services Need to Know” for additional information. Licensees should stay up to date with any changes to state and federal requirements related to their operations. Restaurants and bars participating in the Open Restaurants Program can apply for a free virtual compliance consultation session with NYC’s Department of Small Business Services.

Additionally, as part of the “Three Strikes and You're Closed" initiative, any establishment that receives three violations will be shut down. Egregious violations can result in immediate loss of liquor license or closure before a third strike. Learn more at www.sla.ny.gov