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Community Board Approves 12 Street Fairs in 2019

Feb 27, 2019
Community Board Approves 12 Street Fairs in 2019

Community Board 7 approved 12 street fairs on the Upper West Side at a meeting this past January. They are pending final approval from the NYC Street Activity Permit Office. Check out the list below.

4/28/19 Broadway, West 96th – 106th (East side of Street)
4/28/19 Columbus, West 66th – 72nd
5/05/19 Broadway, West 86th – 93rd (East side of Street)
5/12/19 Broadway, West 60th – 65th (East side of Street)
5/26/19 Broadway, West 72nd – 82nd (West side of Street)
6/02/19 Broadway, West 75th – 72nd (West side of Street)
6/09/19 Broadway, West 73rd – 82nd (East side of Street)
6/21/19 Broadway, West 65th – 72nd (West side of Street)
8/11/19 Columbus, West 96th – 106th
8/18/19 Amsterdam, West 79th – 86th
10/13/19 Broadway, West 96th – 106th (West side of Street)
10/20/19 Broadway, West 86th – 96th (West side of Street)

Contact Community Board 7 for more information.