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Elevate: Nightlife Mental Health Initiative

Oct 5, 2021
Elevate: Nightlife Mental Health Initiative

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a huge toll on New Yorkers and businesses across the city, not only physically but also mentally. With fall’s arrival, nightlife operations are returning to normal in various degrees—from Lincoln Center reopening its doors to restaurants adjusting their dinner hours—and with that it is important to make sure that staff and workers have the resources they need to also get back to a healthy and normal routine. In line with these changes, the Mayor’s Office of Nightlife has launched a new initiative to provide free mental health services to performers, restaurant workers, and hospitality business operators in partnership with the Mayor’s Office of Community Mental Health.

Elevate: Nightlife Mental Health Initiative offers free mental health resources tailored to the nightlife community. Through Elevate, nightlife and hospitality workers can find free mental health support in the resources guide. The guide will connect workers to non-profits around the city and state with low-cost services, many of which are specifically tailored to hospitality businesses, such as Restaurant After Hours. Workers can also access free one-on-one case management and weekly support groups moderated by licensed therapists for the NYC nightlife community from Backline. You can schedule a call today to work with a Backline Case Manager to create a mental health plan specifically catered to your needs, location, and financial resources. 

Click here to view the initiative’s page with more information, including how to sign up for a free weekly support group and downloading the resource guide.

 Photo credit: Mayor's Office of Nightlife