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Important Reminder for Key to NYC Requirements

Oct 13, 2021
LSBID Staff photo of vaccine requirement signage at Shakespeare & Co. Cafe's indoor dining area

In Lincoln Square, we want to make sure all of our businesses offering indoor activities are aware of the Key to NYC requirements. Key to NYC stipulates that people age 12 and older are required to show identification and proof they have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine at certain establishments with indoor activity. This also means that employees at these types of establishments must be vaccinated. For a general overview of the Key to NYC requirements, click hereYou can view the options for proof of vaccine here.

According to the City all of the following food establishments with indoor dining must be checking for proof of vaccination: restaurants, catering halls, hotel banquet rooms, bars, nightclubs, cafeterias, coffee shops, fast food restaurants, grocery stores with indoor dining and other indoor dining spaces. Key to NYC requirements extend to businesses such as coffee shops and food stores with indoor seating even if there is not table service. Any indoor dining, even quick casual seating, falls under Key to NYC guidance. Click here to view more on businesses required to follow Key to NYC guidance

Additionally, Key to NYC requires businesses to post a clearly visible sign that notifies employees and patrons about the vaccination requirement, such as the Vaccine Required for Business poster created by the City. You can find guidance packets for different types of businesses on the Key to NYC website hereClick here to download and view a PDF of the Key to NYC FAQ.

With enforcement beginning last month, inspectors are checking in with businesses on their policies for Key to NYC requirements. Stay informed of all of the steps required to keep NYC safe and avoid fines for your business.

Photo credit: LSBID Staff photo of vaccine requirement signage at Shakespeare & Co. Cafe's indoor dining area