Community Alerts

Know Your Snow Removal Responsibilities

Mar 21, 2018

Never mind Spring, Winter Storm Toby has arrived in Lincoln Square. During snow storms, our Clean Team salts crosswalks and clears sidewalks, hydrants, bus stops, and catch basins in the neighborhood to supplement City services. But it is important that everyone in the area play their part in keeping the sidewalks safe.

As snow accumulates, businesses and property owners must keep sidewalk areas in front of their properties clear of snow and ice so that pedestrians may continue to travel safely through Lincoln Square. Click here to read about snow removal responsibilities from the Department of Sanitation. 

Please be aware of potential slippery conditions in the vicinity of our two parks, Dante and Richard Tucker, and please use caution as you travel around today. For updates on this (hopefully) last winter storm, visit the Office of Emergency Management's website.

FYI: All Fordham University campuses are closed today, including the Lincoln Square campus. Also, due to inclement weather, there are some closures and cancellations on the Lincoln Center campus today. Please check resident organizations' websites for information about specific programs.