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Lighthouse Guild Low Vision Services

Jun 17, 2020
Lighthouse Guild Low Vision Services

COVID-19 has made it difficult to make doctor appointments, but with the City reopening, many health practices are resuming services.  

Lighthouse Guild (250 West 64th Street) has resumed on-site, in-person Low Vision services. Low vision examinations are being scheduled, with limits on occupancy and strict adherence to social distancing and all safety requirements. In addition to in-person appointments, Lighthouse Guild continues to offer telehealth services for those who are blind or have low vision. You can make an in-person appointment or access telehealth services by calling (800) 284-4422

Lighthouse Guild is also continuing to provide Behavioral Health services via telephone and video calling. If you need Behavioral Health assistance, call (212) 769-7800.

Additionally, check out Lighthouse Guild’s tips to help people with vision loss safely practice social distancing during COVID-19. 

Photo credit: Lighthouse Guild