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Lincoln Square Helps What's Lost Become Found

Aug 10, 2020
clean team supervisor tony and public safety officer lincoln standing near each other

On Thursday, August 6, Clean Team Supervisor Tony Stass found a wallet at the northern mall of West 65th Street. Tony then turned the wallet over to Public Safety Supervisor, Lincoln Constance. Lincoln observed a woman resembling the person on the ID in the wallet walking north on Columbus Avenue. When he approached the woman to see if the wallet was hers, she confirmed that it was. The owner, a local resident, had been shopping at the Greenmarket at Richard Tucker Park when she accidentally dropped her wallet. And, the owner was actually retracing her steps to try to find the wallet when Lincoln approached her! Lincoln was able to return the wallet safely to the owner without any property being stolen.

To thank Tony and Lincoln for all their help, the owner sent us an email of appreciation, stating:

“I just wanted to thank Lincoln…and Tony for finding my wallet today and returning it intact. Apparently, Tony found it at the farmers market and turned it over to Lincoln…Lincoln saw me from across the street, signaled, then held up my wallet…When I tried to reward him, he absolutely refused. You should know how much I appreciate these employees' honesty and help.

When property is lost in Lincoln Square, our Teams work together to help recover and return items to their rightful owners. Thanks for all the hard work Tony & Lincoln!