District News

LSBID Operations Update

Jul 1, 2020
a clean team member cleans the edge of an LSBID branded trash can

The Lincoln Square BID’s core services that focus on providing supplemental cleaning and public safety support have continued throughout the pandemic. Due to COVID-19, when NY went on Pause, we reduced the number of hours that our Clean team was out in the district and made some other difficult, but necessarybudget cuts, including eliminating this year’s Winter’s Eve and our Lunchtime Summer Concert Series. Even at a reduced level, our Clean Team was able to clean the district so that it remained spotless. On a daily basis, we now see more businesses opening their doors and more pedestrian and vehicular traffic. More people means more trash, so starting this week, we have increased the hours of our Clean Team; they will be covering two shifts from morning until evening, keeping Lincoln Square litter free.

As we move through Phase Two of Reopening and into Phase Three, we are pleased that Lincoln Square is gradually coming alive again with outside dining and the opening of a number of our retail establishments. Our Public Safety Officers will continue to patrol our district every evening until 8:00pm continuing to serve as our eyes and ears and vigilantly reporting on various quality of life issues and providing daily reports on business activity.  As is apparent we are committed to keeping our urban gardens – the Broadway Malls that run from 60th to 70th Street as well as Dante and Richard Tucker Parks – beautiful and in tip-top shape with our landscaper providing almost daily maintenance and water.  Our Greens Keepers from Goddard Riverside are also out each morning ensuring our medians are clean and well kept.

We are monitoring pedestrian foot traffic patterns, business activity, and litter, and will make further adjustments to the deployment of our teams as necessary.  We are so grateful to the BID teams who are out daily making sure that Lincoln Square remains Clean, Safe and Beautiful as we support business recovery.  

Photo credit: Filip Wolak