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NYC to Begin Phased Reopening June 8

Jun 4, 2020
NYC to Begin Phased Reopening June 8

New York City is on track to begin Phase One of reopening starting Monday, June 8, 2020!  Phase One includes Construction, Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting; Manufacturing and Wholesale Trade; and Retail (limited to curbside or in-store pickup or drop off).    

As businesses reopen in phases, they will not be returning to business as usual. Transmission of COVID-19 will remain a threat to employees and customers for some time, and business owners will need to adapt to this “new normal.” Each business and industry must have a plan to protect employees and consumers, make the physical work space safer and implement processes that lower risk of infection in the business. Each industry is subject to specific State guidelines to maximize safety and social distancing. Business owners should refer to the State’s industry-specific guidance for more information on how to safely operate and should review and implement the NY Forward Safety Plan template

Below is a breakdown of Phases with links to the State's summary guidelines, if available:

Phase One:  Construction; Agriculture; Forestry, Fishing and Hunting; Manufacturing and Wholesale Trade; Retail (limited to curbside or in-store pickup or drop off)

Phase Two: Offices; Real Estate; Essential and Phase Two In-Store Retail; Vehicle Sales, Leases and Rentals; Retail Rental, Repair and Cleaning; Commercial Building Management; Hair Salons and Barber Shops; Outdoor and Take-Out/Delivery Food Services

Phase Three: Restaurants and Food Services

Phase Four: Arts; Entertainment; Recreation; Education

The Governor has not yet released summary guidelines for Phases Three & Four; however, Outdoor Dining is now permitted in Phase Two. It's important to note that there will be at least two weeks in between each phase. This allows State and City officials to monitor the effects of the reopening and ensure hospitalization and infection rates are not increasing before moving to the next phase and permitting more economic activity.

For help determining whether or not your business is eligible to reopen, use the NY FORWARD BUSINESS REOPEN LOOKUP TOOL

For more information on Phases and reopening New York, you can visit forward.ny.gov