Business Spotlight

SOUNDWALK Through Central Park

Sep 28, 2020
the words Ellen Reid SOUNDWALK over a shape resembling a park

Renowned composer Ellen Reid has created an immersive audio experience set to the landscape of Central Park. Ellen Reid SOUNDWALK allows listeners to enjoy atmospheric music carefully crafted around the park’s landscape and attractions through a GPS tracked app free to download. Once the app is downloaded, put on some headphones and explore Central Park’s 840 acres, "triggering musical cells, recorded by Philharmonic musicians, that were carefully crafted to harmonize with the park’s landscape and attractions." You can enjoy this soundscape activity while observing social distancing guidelines, too, and take advantage of fall foliage as we head into October. The soundtrack features performances by members of the New York Philharmonic, Young People’s Chorus of New York City, Poole and the Gang, and the SOUNDWALK Ensemble. Click here to learn more about Ellen Reid SOUNDWALK.

Photo credit: New York Philharmonic